Mommy Makeover- What is it? Are they worth it?

       If you’ve come across much news about plastic surgery in the past few years, you’ve probably heard the term “mommy makeover” at least once or twice. A mommy makeover isn’t a single cosmetic surgery procedure, but rather a series of aesthetic surgeries that can help new mothers regain their pre-pregnancy shape. If you’re a recent mom considering having a little work done, you may be wondering if these procedures are safe and worth the cost.

While many women choose to diet and exercise after pregnancy, some may find that no amount of time spent at the gym will help get rid of sagging skin or pockets of fat. Typically, a mommy makeover includes one or several of the following: liposuction, a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Together, these procedures can undo some of the damage caused by the stress of carrying and birthing a child.


The popularity of these procedures among recent moms is a testament in itself, but it’s also easy to find women who’ve undergone the treatments who are outspoken about their success. Shami Agarwal is one of these women. As a mother of two, she began working out regularly about two years ago, and managed to lose 10 Kgs. However, she found that her stomach was still round and covered in lose skin, despite the fact that she’d been exercising consistently for over a year.

She paid a visit to her family physician, who gave her some bad news: Her two C-sections had caused the muscles in her abdomen to separate. He told her that the only way to correct the issue was with a tummy tuck. She then paid a visit to a plastic surgeon in her area to discuss the possibility of a tummy tuck, and during the consultation decided that she should undergo a breast augmentation as well. She told the news source that she thought to herself, “If I’m going to do it, I should do it all at once.”

Once she’d recovered, she said the results were better than she had expected. Her husband even told her that she looks the best she ever has. As an added bonus, she found that her self-esteem has improved. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reminds patients that a thorough consultation with a board-certified doctor is an essential first step in any successful plastic surgery procedure, including those involved with a mommy makeover.

Courtesy- ASAPS

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2 thoughts on “Mommy Makeover- What is it? Are they worth it?

  1. I’m 34 mother of 5yr boy I wanted mummy makeover done want to know d cost n time with d contact details of d dr

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