Hair Transplantation- Myths and Facts

Myth 1: Hair transplantation results in a full head of hair

Fact: Hair transplantation is a procedure which basically re-distributes the existing scalp hair. Its main aim is to advance the anterior (Front) hair line for a younger appearance. It hence will only lessen the bald appearance. The result will however cover most of the balded areas once combed properly. Most advertisements (Some with photos) show a full head after transplantation which is not the case after the procedure. A youthful appearance and a lesser bald appearance is a more realistic expectation.

Myth 2: Hair transplantation can be done at any age

Fact: Hair transplantation is ideally done after hair fall stabilizes The exact age of the plateau is hard to define. It usually is around 25-35 years of age. In rare cases hair transplantation is done at earlier stages due to social concern or extreme baldness. In case hair fall continues even after transplantation, it can be managed with medical treatment or rarely with repeat transplantation.

Myth 3: FUE (unit extraction) method of Hair transplantation is superior to FUT (strip method) method

Fact: Hair transplantation is generally done by either FUT or FUE methods.

In FUT method a strip of scalp is removed, cut into small unites of hair and then transplanted into bald area. This leaves a long scar in the occipital areas (Back side of scalp) which may be visible if the whole head is shaved.

The FUE method involves extracting individual hair follicle and then transplanting them in the bald area. This leaves dot like small scar in the area from which it is extracted. The scar is far less visible even after full head shaving. Both the methods can yield similar results; FUE is superior only in terms of the scarring.

Myth 4: Hair transplantation can be scarless

Fact: No procedure of transplantation can be scarless. The FUE method only lessens the cars to multiple dots. These scars are less visible even when the head is fully shaved. Nevertheless minimal scarring is expected.

Myth 5: Hair transplantation in ladies does not yield good results

Fact: When carefully chosen, ladies with baldness also get equally good results. Evaluating baldness in females is more extensive than in male individuals.

Myth 6: Laser hair transplant is now the best option available.

Fact: Laser hair transplantation is now a days an over-hyped procedure. It is definitely not a new procedure. It has been around for many years now. People tend to think that using Lasers the results of transplantation will be better. In fact Lasers play only a minor role in the whole procedure of hair transplantation and hence final result is same or even better with conventional methods.

Myth 7: After hair transplantation hair starts growing immediately.

Fact: After transplantation most of the external hair falls over three weeks. The roots however continue to grow. To see the final results of transplantation, it may take anywhere between 4-8 months. Patience hence is important.

Myth 8: Transplanted hair requires life long care.

Fact: Once the initial period after hair transplanted is over, the hair can be treated normally, be it combing, coloring, hair-styling etc.

Myth 9: After hair transplantation, the hair should not be washed.

Fact: One or two days after transplantation the head can be shampooed normally. It is very important to keep the area clean to avoid infection. Regular care with shampoo bath is the best method.

Myth 10: Hair transplantation is a very painful procedure.

Fact: Hair transplantation world-wide is done under local anaesthesia. The area to be operated upon is made numb using various anaesthetic creams and injections. This amount of pain is generally well tolerated. Some set-ups have the additional benefit of monitored sedative injections during the procedure.

For appointments call 9902223733

Cost of hair transplant in our set-up (Per sitting- Up to 2500 follicle units)

FUE method: Rs. 45,000 + Tax

FUT method: Rs. 45,000 + Tax

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