Cosmetic Surgery in Bangalore

Dr Sreekar Harinatha, MBBS, MS, MCh (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), DNB (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) is one of the new generation’s Certified Cosmetic Surgeons in Bangalore, India, always at the forefront of and up to date with new technologies in Cosmetic Surgery.  A medalist in both post-graduation in general surgery and super-specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery, he has undergone training in Cosmetic Surgery from various reputed institutes. He finished training in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery (Called MCh- Magister Chirurgiae in India) from the reputed Christian Medical College, Vellore (Consistently rated among the best medical college in India) with honors.


Dr Sreekar’s reputation in the field of Cosmetic Surgery has come about through his training, and his commitment to the highest of professional and ethical standards. These qualities, combined with his meticulous approach and a sound scientific principles generate a high patient satisfaction rate. 

In the website you will find succinct details of various cosmetic procedures along with a brief summary at the end of each description.


For appointments call

Dr Sreekar Harinatha at 09902223733 or email at

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